the Coffeespiration

In the lack of better term we came up with one: the #coffeespiration its catchy, easy to share in social media (Surprice! We would like publicity for our cause) and it should ring a bell and wake you up like your morning cup of coffee.

Since today we have a job to do. The future of your cup of tasty coffee is not guaranteed. As temperatures rise and droughts intensify, good coffee will become increasingly difficult to grow and expensive to buy.

Study after study has laid out the threat climate change poses to the coffee industry. Rising temperatures will bring drought, increase the range of diseases and kill large swaths of the insects that pollinate coffee plants.

About half of the land around the world currently used to produce high-quality coffee could be unproductive by 2050, according to a recent study in the journal Climatic Change. Another paper, in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggests that that number could be as high as 88% in Latin America. Oh damn..

In addition to this in Finland (our lovely home, even though one of us four in the company is Swedish speaking) people have this thing called “Moccamaster”. Lovely tool that makes coffee from your favorite brand of grounded coffee. Problem is that this machine always makes too much of the coffee, always. No matter who uses is, the machine ALWAYS makes too much of it.

And the coffeelovers of Finland then hurt their wrists when pouring the leftover coffees to the drain. Yes yes, we are being a bit sarcastic. But the truth is that in Finland only every individual throw away 2,5 Litres of coffee that means, 150 Millions coffee cups are thrown away annually. That equals around 13 % of Finnish household food waste.. but you didn’t think about it did you?

Now you have to since you have read this far already. It feels different when you don’t have to carry the waste out from the house to the garbage bin. It’s so easy to just pour it down the drain. When you study a bit how much water and energy is used to make that one cup of coffee.. you might reconsider.

Scary part is that at work that number is even higher, 153 Million litres of coffee thrown away per year.. that is so many coffee cups worth of coffee that we can’t even count, and we feel sad.. That’s why we want to change things, together with you. Lest blow up this #coffeespiration and drink our coffee like we park (with Easypark, Parkman etc) just the right amount. We have a perfect solution the Easybag. Just sign up and get just the right amount of coffee delivered to your door. And leave the “moccamaster” to the moments when there is large crowd around your coffee table who are willing to tackle the challenge and finnish the coffee to the last drop. We recommend, start looking around, how many friends of yours do this same routine of keeping coffee maker on for long time and then throwing the coffee away, waste of energy, waste and good coffee. A great place for you to step up and start educating them about #coffeespiration and Easybag. And tell them how easy it is to join just by clickin here.

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